Why John?



Why John?


I feel called to serve in the State Senate because I believe the Statehouse needs a passionate and experienced voice of reason. I’ve lived in this district all my life, and it pains me to see the voices of hard-working Hoosiers drowned out by the partisanship and pettiness that have come to characterize our politics.

We need to focus once more on crafting good policy that moves the state forward. We need politicians who will reach across the aisle and work to find common ground with everyone. We need to focus on creating well-paying jobs, world-class schools, good roads, and quality yet affordable healthcare — not on divisive issues that threaten to alienate us from one another. With my family’s history of supporting public safety, I want to focus on preventing crime and addressing the root causes of criminal activity. That’s why I support expanding early childhood education in this district and throughout the state.

We need a voice of reason in the State Senate — and that’s exactly what I’ll provide. I’m looking forward to meeting and listening to as many Hoosiers as possible during this campaign, and I humbly ask for your support in November.

Thank you,

John Ruckelshaus